I think I forgot how to write

No seriously, I haven’t written on this blog in forever and I look back on some of my first few posts and feel shocked that I could actually put those things into words. And I’ve been busier thinking of vlog and video ideas because that’s what I’ve been most excited about. But I realized a few days ago that a vacation or a video from a scene of my life can be fun but it isn’t what’s going to change someone else’s. I started this thing in hopes of relating to others and helping them by sharing ideas and concepts and the many little things that bounce around in my head throughout the day. (And keep me up at night). I ultimately wanted people to know that they were not alone and it’s no coincidence that some events in our lives can be so eerily similar to our neighbors. It’s how God intended us to create community, friendships, and relationships. Having things in common doesn’t just mean you both like pizza, sports, or have the same taste in music. Those things are great, but what about the real stuff. Our insecurities, our faith, what brought us back onto our feet. Leaving a toxic relationship and finding ourselves, letting go of a loved one who was taken way too soon. The movies that make us cry and laugh and feel things because it reminds us of a certain time in our lives or makes us think about a time that could come in our future. We need to open up, share our stories, let people know they aren’t alone. All these things, these experiences, these life lessons and downfalls. The triumphs and success stories and when our hearts feel so full they might burst. These are what we were given to work with. These are how we relate to, and inspire others that may be going through the same or similar things. Don’t ever be ashamed of your story, it’s the reason you are the way you are. Your story is unique and handcrafted by the one who loves you most. Stitched together with your unique personality and a heart that was made to give to others. God knows what He was doing when He put you through that loss, and that feeling, and that life changing event. And He knew you’d be the one to help someone else because of it, even if only by telling your story. Letting someone know they’re not the first, nor the last, to experience these things. There will always be a way to connect, to encourage, and lift up each other when we need it. Sometimes all we need to do is just to relate. Speak about the real stuff. We just can’t be afraid to go there.


Side note before I go: If you haven’t seen the movie “Wonder” with Julia Roberts, you need to watch it right away. But brace yourself for all the feels because I was up way past my bedtime last night to finish watching and it’s an emotional roller coaster. But really, watch it! I promise you’ll be so happy after you did 🙌🏻 and shoutout to my dog for not judging me while I bawled like a baby.