"There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:"

Ironically enough I had written this post about a week ago in my notes on my phone. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what made me do that. I just felt it in my heart that change was coming. Good change. I had been praying like crazy these past few weeks asking God for direction. I wanted a change. I wanted to feel things move in my life. I felt it so much two nights ago when I was trying to fall asleep, and I knew God wanted me to listen. When I woke up the next morning I got a call that changed my life in an instant. I don't know where He's leading me quite yet, but it's clear He's helping me to get there. Anyways, here's what was in my notes:

I’ve been waiting...

For a feeling
For a sign
For an indescribable movement that might bring me to my knees
And tells me not to falter under insecurities
An unmistakable event that shows me what I need to do
A prayer that transcends heaven leading me to breakthrough

I’ve been waiting for that moment
That reveals who I am
And I’ve been waiting for the right time
To change all of my plans

I’ve been waiting

I’ve been waiting for myself
To catch up to my name
To run through my ambitions

As waves crash after waves

I want to breathe in only warmth
The sun dancing on my skin
Trying not to dwell so much
In places that I’ve been

I want to feel the laughter building
As it creeps up from my chest
Letting out the biggest smile
As I close my eyes to rest

It’s right there
I can feel it
And I’m so close to receiving
Because there’s beauty in the waiting
If we only start believing

Just wanted to share because if you're waiting for something big to happen in your life, just KEEP PRAYING. Don't get lazy while you wait and don't give up hope when it seems like it's taking a while. His timing is perfect. Ask for patience, because the waiting is the best part. The waiting is where we become prepared for what's to come.

And here's a short little video because why not show off my dog more? (P.S. don't make fun of my singing I just thought it was cool that I caught it on tape me singing to Gracie girl in the car. She always sits on my lap when I do and it's the cutest thing IN THE WORLD)