3 AM thoughts

You’ve left your heart alone for quite some time now
It needed space and structure desperately
You never would have known that it’d be fine now
After working overtime to help you breathe

And with every breath of air you know you’re fragile
Your stomach as it’s writhing in and out
Your heart takes on another kind of battle
Reminding you it’s stronger than your doubts

What would it take for you to paint a picture
Of just what you have seen inside your head
Your dreams feel like they need some recognition
But you’re not sure they will ever leave this bed

Temporary things shouldn’t belong in constant places
Yet we’re stubborn when it comes to letting go
We’re so terrible with names but can’t seem to forget faces
Of the people we have longed to get to know

Always knew in life there would be choices
Never thought that you’d ever be one
It’s hard to hear the truth beyond their voices
When they’re telling you it wasn’t just for fun

I can’t imagine life without a savior
A spirit moving in us while we sleep
A hand that longs to reach for you in silence
An everlasting love that’s ours to keep