What I do know

Blogs are strange. Everyone wants to give advice about ‘how to do this’, ‘how to do that’, ‘how to deal with this’, ‘what to do if this happens’. And it feels kind of weird to be a stranger giving any advice to other strangers. So I just wanted to make today’s post very transparent. I probably don’t know you and I probably don’t know what you’re going through. I definitely don’t know everything; but here is what I do know:

God is good.
He made you for a reason
God is a giver.
He blesses people differently
You are not God.
You don’t get to choose your blessings but you get to choose how you care for and utilize them 
God is a teacher.
You don’t start out with everything you ever wanted, because if you did you would have no idea what to do with it
God will never leave you.
Loneliness may be scary, but it doesn’t have to be
Jesus heals.
You can’t always choose what happens to you in life but you can always choose how you perceive and react to it
Jesus loves.
He’s already sacrificed it all for you so that you would know unconditional love
Jesus knows your heart.
Mistakes are just another part of life, we were never meant to be perfect
Jesus is forgiveness.
Ask for forgiveness so that you can can have peace, give out forgiveness so that others can have peace too
Prayer is powerful.
Don’t be afraid to talk to God, and spill your heart out, it will be the most healing and beneficial thing you do all day
Prayer is necessary.
The one person who would never judge you, never not love you, and never give up on you is on the receiving end. You genuinely have nothing to lose
Prayer gives us strength.
Pray for others so that they may have strength too

You were born a fighter. God wouldn’t have put you on this earth if He didn’t believe you could handle it. You have everything you need to be happy inside of you. You could lose everything and everyone right now and you still would not be alone. No bad day deserves the opportunity to make it a bad life. And no missed opportunity means there won’t be a better one coming up soon! 

This new month is here to bring even more happiness into your life. Be strong today, say thanks and give praise! A blessing could be right around the corner!

(Photo from Pinterest.)

(Photo from Pinterest.)