Psalm 139:14

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

Nothing will break my heart quicker than the sound of my friends or loved ones, or anyone for that matter, questioning their self worth. If you could even comprehend how much love you were made with you would never for a second question your worth or your looks or your life. You weren't made to be the very best at every single thing you do. You weren't made to dress a certain way, or buy certain things, or hold yourself back from what you love. You weren't made to impress that one specific person just to be considered a failure if you don't. You weren't made to fill a box or fit a standard or a norm. And you sure as heck weren't made to live unhappy.

You were made uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully. You were made to bring something to this Earth that hasn't yet been here. To share stories and experiences and laughs and tears. To give and bless others with your time and your grace. To make memories and worship and thank God for this day. To live up to nobodies expectations but exemplify His. You were made strong and resilient and quirky and optimistic. You were made to be curious and persistent and question the world as much as you possibly can without ever questioning yourself. Don't compare yourself to other people when everything about them is different from you. Wanting what you cannot have is a toxic toxic habit that you just need to put down. Fill your world with people who remind you of things like this. I can't express how many times someone has changed the course of my day just from one compliment or piece of advice.

Never doubt God's ability to communicate with you through others! Our connection with each other is important this way. Ask opinions, and points of view, and visions from these people. Find commonalities and differences and see how it makes you feel. This is how we learn and grow and discover how we tick. This is creating meaning and purpose and embracing all of His love. In friendships, relationships, and looking within ourselves, this is where we'll find our truth. This is where we'll discover our self worth.