Just do you

Full disclosure I'm not really sure if this is a controversial topic or not I just had a realization a couple of weeks ago about myself and wanted to share in case anybody else has dealt with a similar feeling. Social media is undoubtedly the most wonderful but equally as awful thing in our world today and that all just depends on how we use and perceive it. Personally, I used to feel really bad about myself when I would go on the explore page and see these pictures of specifically females with these "perfect" looking bodies and in turn make myself feel terrible. 

But here's the thing: EVERYBODY IS ENTITLED TO POST WHATEVER THEY WANT ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES. And it's different for everyone and THAT'S OK. 

For the most part, I choose to keep my social media pages on the pretty conservative side. Not saying that this is right or wrong, I just personally grew up with the mindset of not wanting everybody to know every single thing about me. That being said, I've definitely posted a lot of bikini pictures from fun times on the beach (which I've also at times been skeptical about posting) and not too long ago I posted a typical "mirror pic" from the gym because I'm just proud of the work I put into my body to stay in shape.

But a couple of weeks ago I actually posted a photo that my friend took of me while we were in Malibu and I remember sitting with my friend at breakfast contemplating back and forth if I really should post it because it showed a little more of the booty than something I would normally post on my Instagram. But alas, it was a cute photo and I convinced myself that it was ok because "a lot of other girls have posted much more than that". 


My friend knew right when I posted it how uncomfortable I became. I was looking at my phone every two seconds and asking her things like "are you sure it's ok to post this?" and "it's not bad right?" 

Being the amazing friend that she is she just calmly looks at me and says, "Madi, if it's going to drive you crazy or make you uncomfortable just delete it." 

And she was right. So I deleted it.

Granted, I probably made a way bigger deal out of it than I needed to and people probably weren't even judging or caring as much as I thought they would but I knew it didn't feel or sit right with me and so I should have just gone with my gut in the first place. 

I follow so many females who are inspirations to me who post body positive images whether they're in a bikini or showing off their progress at the gym or just feelin themselves and wanted to post a pic and I always find myself double tapping while silently expressing a "ooo get it gurlll 🙌🏼" And these people are proud of what they post and feel comfortable sharing this with the world and that is why there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Basically what I'm getting at is this: It's perfectly okay if that's not you, and it's perfectly okay if it is. Just post what you are comfortable sharing and if you have second thoughts just trust yourself, save yourself the anxiety, and don't post it. Everybody is different and not every person is going to be okay with posting certain things. 


Post that picture if it makes you feel good! Show off because you're proud and want to share! Post it to inspire other people to work hard and feel confident too! But absolutely DO NOT post that picture if you're doing it for the wrong reasons like "trying to get that boys attention" or "because a lot of other girls are posting stuff like that too". Because ladies trust me when I tell you that the right person will love you for you, no matter what you do or don't post on a social media account and you really don't want to lose yourself because you're trying to be like everyone else. Listen to your body and don't try to convince it otherwise. It doesn't make you a "prude" if you don't and it doesn't make you a "slut" if you do. People can turn anything into a bad thing if they really wanted to so just be okay with what you're okay and not okay with and know that you're not less than just because you posted a booty picture or have a booty pictureless Instagram page. Whether you choose to keep it, or anything else private or put it out there, we've all got body's and it should be our decision what we choose to do or not do with them and not anybody else's. 

And that's all I've got to say about that. 

Now go admire yourself in the mirror, take some selfies, and tell yourself you're perfect because you are. 💁🏼