Grace Upon Grace

Grace is one of my all time favorite words. I think because it looks so small and simple but it means so much and so many different things. When I think about the word grace I think about how I want to live it. I think about how I want to carry myself with it and how I want to take it everywhere with me like a purse over my right shoulder. So I hope that this little poem I wrote inspires you to embrace the gift of grace throughout the rest of your week and ultimately your life! :) "You don't need control. You just need grace."


Grace is inspiration after a long few days of drought
It’s making a house a home while it rids our minds of doubt

Grace is staying grounded while we still keep up the pace
It’s responsible for things such as the smile on your face

Grace is a compliment on an elevator instead of staring at your phone
It’s relief from all the action when you're finally home alone

Grace is what you feel when you first hear that certain song
Grace will never lie to you, it will never steer you wrong

Grace will call you by your first name and remind you who you are
A beautiful soul that’s not defined by wounds or battle scars

Grace is the reason we get chills while sitting in church pews
That overwhelming feeling that the message is for you

It’s a different take on happiness, a constant state of bliss
The way your heart speeds up right before a first time kiss

Grace is remembering that it’s okay to believe in something bigger than yourself
It’s finally getting to read the book that’s gathered dust up on that shelf

Grace will grant you favors and not ask for something back
It’s patience and it’s kindness and makes up for what you lack

It’s the comfort of your dog at home and feeling all their love
And it’s never growing tired of prayer and thanking God above

Grace is dinner with your family when the whole table laughs and cries
The only thing that gets us through those really tough goodbyes

Unlimited in power, strength, integrity, and truth
Grace will keep you humble, loved, and in centered in your youth

Grace is such a blessing and an undeserving gift
It’s not biased or conditional, a way in which to live

It’s forgiveness at its worst and it’s hope when at its best
Grace is what will stay with us beyond our final day of rest