Romans 10:14

"But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?"

There have been times in my life where people have asked me why it is that I believe. And how it is that I can believe in something that I'm unable to see or even reach for just to hold it in my hand. I used to get nervous about these questions, they made me feel as though my evidence would never be enough. No matter what I said, or what I did, I'd have no proof to back up my faith and people wouldn't be able to understand. 

There came a point where I became so frustrated about not having the right words to answer, that the next time this question was brought to my attention, I just blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. 

"I can't explain it, it's a feeling."

Immediately after I said it, I wanted to take it back. How can someone understand a feeling if they've never experienced it themselves? 
But then I really thought about it. 
Maybe not believing comes from experiencing these feelings and not knowing or acknowledging that they had come from God Himself. 

Maybe you've been hurt, but you became a better person from the fall. Maybe you've felt so alone, but found someone to share with it all. Maybe you've had a two hour parking lot conversation with a friend, but you end up teary eyed and emotional from the stories being told. Maybe you've felt the unconditional love of a family member, but never really realized it until things became tough. And maybe you've experienced lows that you could never even imagine how it was possible to pick yourself back up from, but you did. And maybe you never thought to thank Jesus for his hand. 

Maybe I believe because I feel that presence in my life. And even when I don't, I know that all I have to do is pray. I've seen things go from worse to better, in others peoples lives, and in my own. I've seen people glow with passion from the inside out when they discover what it is they've been placed in this world to do. I've seen mothers who've put their children's needs before their own every single day and children who have dedicated their lives to giving that all back when they finally find their way. I've seen people who are in love, people who never thought they'd find it. And people who take risks while disregarding all of the fear that comes behind it. 

So maybe I believe because I choose to see these kinds of things happen every day. And in my heart I know who it is that's been guiding us even when we may chose not to give credit where credit is due. We've been given such crazy and beautiful life to live, and giving thanks is so simple, and yet it is really the only thing that we are called to do. And it is never too late to be thankful. His blessings are unlimited and His grace is unconditional.

All you have to do is live your life and choose to see it.