Gravity and Time

Two things are responsible for creating the most pressure and stress in our everyday lives. 

Since it was Father's Day yesterday, and I personally believe my own father should be giving Ted Talks, I decided I'd post some advice he gave me on a phone call the other day. 
I called my dad because I'm stressed. I'm about to move from an apartment that I've adored for over a year, I just graduated from college and finding a job is definitely not easy, my love life is comical, and I'm putting way too much pressure on myself everyday to get things done. 
And my dad always knows exactly what to say to make me step back and see things from different perspective. He told me that it's simple. There are two things in life that are responsible for creating most of our pressures and stress.

And time.

I was a little confused when he first said gravity to be honest. He said, "You may laugh, but how many times have you found yourself getting frustrated when you drop something, or have to lift something heavy, or lose your balance and trip or fall over." That's gravity. It's a pressure on our bodies both physically and mentally.

Time. More specifically, deadlines. Deadlines that are given to you and deadlines that you cast on yourself in order to push yourself to get things done. Even saying things to yourself like, "It's been one year since I've been in a serious relationship," or "By this time next year I should be doing this, that, and the other."

Here's the thing, it's good to set goals, and make plans, and create deadlines to be our motivation. But we aren't fortune tellers and we can't make things happen by just saying them out loud and wishing on stars. Because if we keep thinking that way we're going to be disappointed, and we're going to feel that stress.

But here's what we can do.
We can pray, we can ask God for direction, and motivation from a different part of our hearts, one that aims to be a better you everyday. We can let things go, realize that what is for you will be yours and what is not you'll be perfectly okay without. Realize that no matter what happens, you can make it through one day. And we can always work our butts off for what we really want in life and reap the benefits of our persistence. 

It's all going to get done I promise you, don't overwhelm yourself with too much of one thing at a time. And if you're faced with a strict deadline, take a step back and breathe. My dad can never tell me enough to never make decisions based on time limits and stress. Your mind won't be as clear.

So breathe.

We can stop being so stressed in the moment by just doing what we can and trusting that everything else will fall in it's place, and we can stop feeling the pressure by just laughing instead of grunting every once in a while when we drop a dish in the kitchen or trip while we're walking down the sidewalk for a bunch of strangers to see. Because trust me, they've all done it too. It's life. And we create our pressures and stresses by overthinking and trying to control these two very uncontrollable things. 

And time.

Let yourself breathe today in between daily tasks. Reward yourself when you've accomplished something and don't punish yourself if you haven't. Keep your mind clear by viewing gravity and time as allies and not the enemy. Your two feet are planted firmly on the ground because of gravity, and if you woke up this morning, you have time.
Wherever you are in life right at this very moment, you're where you're supposed to be. But remember, you won't stay in the same spot forever. Look forward to seeing where He takes you next!

(P.S. Thanks dad for always giving the best advice and inspiring me to be a better person everyday. ♥️ Still really think you should give a Ted Talks so uhh maybe consider it? lol)