Big Moments

It’s so hard to see the big picture when day by day you’re only experiencing pieces. Grabbing a coffee, watching a movie, writing your lists to be sure not to forget. Time passes and we’re sucked in by our daily tasks and routines. And then, eventually, when enough time passes something happens that makes your world stop dead in its tracks and you’re convincing yourself to readjust to a new norm. Readjusting your routine until it becomes so normal that you fall right back into it again. On to the next big moment. A constant anticipation of what’s to come and what will be. Your next big moment. And it’s good, and it’s bad, and it’s somebody else, and it's things that you needed to hear. It’s a first time encounter, and a last time encounter, and realizing what and who it is that was always always there. Sometimes it hurts, and your moment takes its toll and you can feel it in your energy when your grip keeps falling short. Sometimes it feels like it’s what’s been keeping you from taking off, and just waiting around for something more. And then one morning you're drinking your coffee and it feels a little different than the day before.

It’s our fear that drives us to another change, and love that tries to justify. And it’s fear of love that keeps us living in these pieces and taping down our wings when all we’re being told to do is look at the bigger picture from above. One big moment though, and your reaching out again. One big moment, and you’re changing all your plans. And then one big moment, one big breath, one big prayer and you’re right there. Looking at the bigger picture from a different point of view, standing just far enough away that the lines aren’t blurred and the colors seem to just make sense. You trust the painter and His vision when you surrender to your moments. Face them head on as they come and let them rock you when you need it. Let them take you where you’re meant to go and prepare you for the seasons. Don’t give coincidence credit for things that were made by God Himself. Don’t stop believing in your journey when a moment takes its shot out on your strength. And don’t be afraid to step outside of the pieces and see all there is that’s left to be done. It’s a beautiful picture, your own personal wonderful picture, made just for you to get to where you need to be, one big moment at a time.

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